Our Vision

The first choice of doctors and patients in choosing implants to treat skeletal defects

The first choice of doctors and patients for the treatment of orthopedic traumas
Osveh Asia Medical Instrument Company As the leading company and top brand among medical equipment companies, tries to provide a diverse products and services in the field of orthopedics, spine, maxillofacial, and biomaterials. Also tries to become one of the top medical equipment companies in the country and region by providing quality products and distinctive services. Providing the best place for its employees and the first choice of doctors and patients are the goals of this company.
Production of high quality orthopedic implants, spine, jaw and face and biomaterials, to restore health, improve patients' quality of life.
We are focused on our mission to improve the quality of life. Our values are the foundation of our work and we believe in it. No product will be offered under the Osveh brand unless it meets the standards. The quality of the products is primarily our goals, which we are proud of it.