Knowledge Base Osveh Asia Medical Instrument Company

has done The existence of a dynamic quality management system is a sign of our continuous commitment to quality to improve the lives of patients, and we are proud of it. Today, after more than a decade since the beginning of Osweh's activities, everyone is confident that the commitment to quality is evident in all aspects of our work.
Quality commitment to patients leads us to produce and market safe and effective products in accordance with world-class standards, therefore we strive to reach the highest standards without interruption. The quality policy expresses our commitment to our customers and is the driving force of our quality management system, which is designed based on the principle of continuous improvement and risk management.
By implementing and establishing a quality management system based on the ISO 13485:2016 standard in order to provide quality products and ensure compliance with legal requirements to increase customer satisfaction and continuously improve the performance and ability of the organization, the company's senior management commits itself to comply and advance Knows the following policies: