Osveh Asia Medical Instrument Co

Leader in designing and manufacturing medical products

Osveh Asia Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. is engaged in the design and production of various orthopedic implants
We are proud of producing the high-end quality products in Iran, in the following four categories, and deliver them to the both inside and international market

Bone graft

Synthetic Bone Grafts, localized production technology under brand of OsvehOss®

Maxillofacial Surgery

CMF – set of complete implants, screws and plaques for facial and jaw surgery

Spine implants

Spine implants system, the most complete implants and equipment for open spinal surgery

Orthopedic products

One of the largest manufacturers of orthopedic implants in the region


 National independence in the production of various implants.
 To become the best brand in the orthopedic industry of the country.


Short-term: Complete production of implants and orthopedic sets
Medium term: the production of implants and surgical spinal cord sets, synthetic bone grafts
 Long-term: The production of orthopedic prostheses and bio-implants


 Innovation and transformation, commitment, teamwork

Our pride - quality products

World standard

ISO13485: 2016, ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2004, ISO10002: 2014, OHSAS18001: 2007 and CE of the European Union

Excellent quality

Providing products on the highest quality level, like the world’s leading brands of orthopedic implants, using the best raw materials and latest production machines from the best European manufacturers

Competitive price

Pricing of products, based on the relationship between supply and demand. In addition, several pricing methods based on organizational goals, considered in pricelist at the company’s web site