osveh family

Existential philosophy
We do what is rightAsohe Asia Medical Instrument Company feels this responsibility that plays an important role in development has the health of the society, in this regard, our existential philosophy is to help the health industry and The country's treatment is as follows: First, help to develop the domestic medical equipment production capacity and improve the situation Healthcare through the production of orthopedic implants, spine, jaw and face and synthetic bone grafts based on the latest world technologies Second, provide quality products Increasing the effectiveness and improving the quality of treatment Cultivating the consumption of Iranian products
Values of interest
Our values guide management decision-making and also guide the behavior of employees in the organization. We always try to build trust in our stakeholders by maintaining honesty, commitment to providing quality products, and increase employee satisfaction by doing teamwork, internal respect, professionalism and meritocracy in the company, and finally by considering To preserve national interests and observe justice, we must also adhere to our national and regional values.
General policies
National self-sufficiency in the field of medical equipment production and preventing the transfer of funds abroad Creating jobs directly and indirectly by providing new demand for products and completing the product portfolio Dealing with economic sanctions with self-sufficiency in the production of medical equipment Localization of the world's new technologies in the field of production Innovation and research and development in the production of products with higher quality and more added value Market development and supply of goods with new technology and high quality at reasonable prices Creating added value, profitability and gaining sustainable competitive advantage in order to satisfy the stakeholders Effective and productive management of resources using new technologies and human resources empowerment Entering international markets
Eswa quality policy
General policies Trying to become the best brand in the country's orthopedic industry Compliance of product quality with international medical equipment requirements Implementation of good GMP manufacturing techniques in the field of producing implants, medical instruments and bone biomaterials Providing products at the quality level of the world's top orthopedic implant brands using the most up-to-date production machines and supplying the required raw materials from the best European manufacturers. With the grace of God and with the support of a decade of using the experiences, knowledge and capabilities of its hard-working specialists, Asveh Asia Medical Instrument Company is determined to improve its systems, processes and services by establishing and maintaining an effective quality management system in medical equipment. In this regard, Osweh company has been able to obtain the ISO13485:2016, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2004, ISO10002:2014, OHSAS18001:2007 standards and the CE mark of the European Union, its dynamic idea of ​​achieving a superior, excellent and leading organization in the field. covers medical equipment according to the principles of customer orientation and the commitment to identify and fulfill the requirements of the quality management system and the requirements and laws of the environment, safety and health and by relying on the ability and competence of its employees in order to consolidate its leading position in To have an active presence inside the country in transnational and regional arenas.