Brief history:

In 2008, the medical equipment company Osveh Asia started producing orthopedic implants having 20 personnel and 10 industrial machines in a space of 500 square meters, in the industrial city of top technologies in the holy city of Mashhad. The company continued its activity with the goal of self-sufficiency of the country in the field of producing orthopedic implants. Becoming an effective brand in the industry was another main goal, so that it has already been able to operate in an area of ​​13,000 square meters with over 170 industrial machinery, working 24 hours and three shift work, for 180 specialist staff and university graduates directly and 1,000 indirectly employment.

Currently, the products of this company are divided into four groups:

Production of a complete set of orthopedic products, including screws, pins, nails and orthopedic sets
Spinal implants
Orthopedic surgery and spinal kits
And for the first time in the country, the production of synthesized bone grafts
High quality compared with domestic products and competitiveness with foreign products.
Full range of tools Extensive distribution Very
wide distribution network
Among other features of this company is the use of educated and motivated young forces at the technical, expert and postgraduate levels at various fields of the company, including engineering, medicine, mechanics, metallurgy and biomaterials.
To identify the world’s leading technologies in the industry and transfer materials in the field of raw materials, design, equipment and quality control of the production line, more than 20 European factories were visited, including in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland. Result is obvious:
Supply of raw materials from well-known and reliable factories in Germany, which exports raw materials to more than 60 countries. This means that the quality of the products manufactured by the medical equipment company Osveh Asia exactly correspond to the quality of European brands of these types of products.
From the point of view of design, it should be noted that the design of the company’s products fully corresponds to the well-known industry brands in European and American countries. In this regard, the use of equipment, such as the measurement of optics (VMM), as well as three-dimensional scanners with software Specialized design tools helped to carefully designing process.
In the production line we use automatic devices, thereby ensuring high dimensional accuracy and quality assurance in all products of the company. Among them, in the production line used CNC milling machines, seven-axis and twelve-axis CNC machines. In the quality control section, we use instruments for determining the hardness, quantum and tensile control and evaluation of the mechanical and metallurgical properties of raw materials and products. Other important elements that can be mentioned in the product quality control section, are the 100% quality control design of each product in accordance with the specified parameters of that product.